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Building Sponsorship

Foreword by the Abbot

Over the past few months, the new Hermitage building has begun to take shape with the practical finalisation of all the design elements, along with physical construction works currently taking place.

Many materials are now finally coming together to create a vihāra, or place of residence, for the Sangha. The committee of Vimokkharam would hereby like to invite people to direct any building donations towards sponsoring the basic building blocks of the Hermitage — making up the floor, walls and roof — for a symbolic establishment also of vihāra-dhammas, or wholesome mental abidings, to help create and foster a refuge of goodness within that mirrors your support for the temple construction. Please see details below.

Ajahn Hāsapañño

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For more information on the rebuilding programme, please click here.

Sponsorship Categories

There are three categories of sponsorship that donors may wish to contribute towards:

the roof, walls and floor; these represent the essence of the building.

Contributions can be made to more than one category.

Architect's impression of the new building.


The tiles that make up the floor represent the foundation of the Hermitage.


In the Buddhist practice, a strong foundation of sīla or morality serves as the essential basis for higher virtues to be cultivated well.


The bricks for the walls of the Hermitage represent the basic structure of the building.

Like little bits of samādhi or concentration that accumulate to form an edifice for the practice, brick by brick, the building walls come together to form a rising superstructure for the Hermitage.


The roof panels represent the summit and highest part of the Hermitage, providing shelter.

This can be likened to paññā or wisdom in the practice - that which provides refuge and protection from suffering.

Sponsorship Donations

Step 1 : Fill in the Sponsorship Form

Please fill in the Sponsorship Form below. Note that this is merely an in-house notification of your contribution and does not result in automatic debit from your bank account.

Step 2 : Make payment arrangements

Please see below for different modes of payment.

Sponsorship Form

Please fill in the form below for our in-house notification of your contribution.


Note that this does not result in automatic debit from your bank account. 

Please make payment arrangements separately via one of the payment modes below.

This will go towards (you may select more than one):

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Modes of payment

Please specify which category of sponsorship (roof, walls or floor) you would like to contribute to when making your donation. 

This can be indicated in the description or reference sections for bank transfers, for example.

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Vimokkharam Forest Hermitage, Inc.
Bank Name : Bendigo Bank
BSB : 633 000
Account No : 157892977
Address : 1656 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160
Swift Code : BENDAU3B

Email contact:

Online transfer


Cheques can be made out to Vimokkharam Building Fund and posted to:

The Treasurer, Vimokkharam Forest Hermitage, PO Box 152, Kallista, VIC 3791.

Please include your details (email address) to ensure you receive a receipt.