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Building Sponsorship

Thanks to the generosity of the community, we now have enough funds in our building account to pay off any outstanding loan payments, as well as all construction-related costs that are still to be paid.

So not only is the new temple finished and consecrated, but it is also fully paid for!

In according with this, our fundraising period for the reconstruction (including our 'Pledge Drive') is officially over! We would like to invite anyone who is still honouring their monthly pledges for the construction to cancel that pledge and direct their funds to other worthy uses. Our tax-registered Building Fund account will now also be retired into hibernation for the time being as we have no further building projects on the horizon. Any future financial support for the hermitage can be directed to either the General Operating Account or the Sangha Travel Fund - an account we plan to use mainly to be able to invite Ajahns to visit us from varying places to benefit and inspire our community.

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