29th Anniversary of the Passing of Luang Por Chah Subhaddo

Dear Friends and Supporters of Vimokkharam,

Tomorrow (16th January 2021) will be the 29th anniversary of the passing of Luang Por Chah Subhaddo. For the first time since he passed away, there will be no 'Patipat-Puja' (or Dhamma retreat in his memory) at Wat Pah Pong in Thailand this year -- due to Covid-related concerns.

Here at Vimokkharam, there will likewise be no special events, but I would like to remind people of the fact for all of you to be able to set aside some time in your homes and in your heart to remember him with gratitude as a great teacher, and to venerate him in the highest way -- by putting his Dhamma into practise.

(my favourite passage of Ajahn Chah's teachings:)

“When the Buddha began teaching, some disciples became enlightened in their seats just by hearing his words. Some attained the arahant stage, the end of the path, right there on that single occasion. So when did they keep precepts? When were they practising meditation and developing samādhi? They realised weariness with samsāra and dispassionate detachment, and they were able to stop. That condition is sīla. Then, with no wrongdoing in the heart, but only coolness and tranquility, there was samādhi. From this state of calm, the mind was able to contemplate things and know them as they are. Hearing Dhamma, contemplating Dhamma thus, pure morality and the rest arose, and this was the Path. In that moment it happened.”