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Ajahn Dtun in Melbourne update

Dear Friends and Supporters of Vimokkharam,


Ajahn Dtun is now in Melbourne and staying at Nigrodharama Forest Monastery near Seymour. There is no update for Ajahn's proposed visit to Vimokkharam yet, but there will be an event in Nigrodharama now scheduled for this upcoming Sunday March 19th, with an inauguration of their new Sala and the consecration of the Buddha statues in their new home. The monks here at Vimokkharam will be joining the proceedings there, and so Vimokkharam will be closed to visitors all day this Sunday, March 19th. This also means that the Sunday afternoon meditation will be cancelled for that day as well. The monastery here will be open as usual on other days as of this writing.


For those of you who came today and were informed that the Sala opening ceremony in Seymour was tomorrow, this has been changed. It is unclear whether Ajahn Dtun will be receiving visitors tomorrow, but he will be available starting Wednesday, as far as I have been told.


Lastly, a big sādhu! of appreciation to all who came and helped celebrate Labour Day weekend by participating in our working bees the last few days. The hermitage is looking good and ready for honouring special visitors.


Very best wishes,

Ajahn Hāsapañño

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