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Below are the chanting books and audio files for chanting along during the Pansah at Vimokkharam.

All files are available for download.


Vimokkharam Chanting Book

The finalised chanting book, including daily evening chanting during the rains' retreat at Vimokkharam Forest Hermitage.

The Pansah Chanting 'key' for 2023 has Tuesday as 'Day 1' for the daily auspicious chanting, Wednesday as 'Day 2', etc...


คู่มือสวดมนต์ ร่วมบทสวดทำวัตรเย็นและสวดพระพุทธมนต์ ประจำวันในช่วงพรรษาที่ วัดป่าวิโมกขาราม.

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