You give what is appropriate to the occasion and to your means, when and wherever your heart feels inspired. For the monastics, this means that you teach, out of compassion, what should be taught, regardless of whether it will sell. For the laity, this means that you give what you have to spare and feel inclined to share.


There is no price for the teachings, nor even a "suggested donation." Anyone who regards the act of teaching or the act of giving requisites as a repayment for a particular favor is ridiculed as mercenary. Instead, you give because giving is good for the heart and because the survival of the Dhamma as a living principle depends on daily acts of generosity.


The Hermitage is completely reliant on the selfless generosity of the lay community – be that the simple offering of food or essentials to the monastics, the offering of personal skills and expertise to the maintenance and development of the Hermitage or the offering of funds.

A major developmental hurdle is the rebuilding of the Temple in which houses both the monks' residence and the place of worship and practice for the lay community (read more here). This facility was destroyed by fire in 2014 and the rebuilding project is now finally underway and requires ongoing financial support.

One-off Donations

One-off donations are welcome and greatly appreciated, ensuring the sound operation of the Hermitage. This can be made below.

Donations over $2 to the Building Fund are tax deductible for Australian tax-payers.

Monthly Pledges

As the Hermitage has been required to acquire financial funding from a bank, servicing the repayments are a monthly expense. Pledging regular direct debit donations to the Building Fund are of the greatest assistance, offering security in meeting the bank repayments.

If you would be interested to pledge a monthly donation directly into the monastery Building Fund account, please visit the Pledge Drive page.

Building Fund

To help build and provide a place of Dhamma practice at Vimokkharam.

Account Name: Vimokkharam Forest Hermitage, Inc.
Bank Name : Bendigo Bank
BSB : 633 000
Account No : 157892977
Address : 1656 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160
Swift Code : BENDAU3B
Email Contact :

General Operating Fund

To help with the upkeep of the hermitage and the general welfare of the Sangha.

For an EFT donation or bank transfer:

Vimokkharam Forest Hermitage, Inc.
Reg No: A0035989U   ABN: 73051793658

BSB:  633 000
Account No:  157693300


Cheques can be made out to Vimokkharam Building Fund or Vimokkharam Operating Account, and posted to:

The Treasurer, Vimokkharam Forest Hermitage, PO Box 152, Kallista, VIC 3791.

Please include your details (email address) to ensure you receive a receipt.

May the blessings arising from your good actions in supporting the Hermitage lead to good health, happiness and growth in Buddha-Dhamma.