There will only be 1 monk at Vimokkharam from Tuesday June 7th until Wednesday July 13th (Asalha Puja). During this time we will have to revert to arrangements we haven't had to use for several years now: from Tuesday June 7th the monastery gates will be closed in the mornings until a male arrives who can open them up and allow everyone to come up to the hermitage.


If the occasion happens where only women have come to offer food for the day, then food will have to be offered at the front gates when the monk returns from alms round at 10am. Without at least another male present, individual monks are not allowed to host or be alone with women here.

For directions to the Hermitage, click here.

Vimokkharam does not offer retreat or residential opportunities for visitors.


Meditation & Dhamma Discussion

Sundays 4.00 - 6.00pm (daylight savings);

3.00 - 5.00pm (winter hours)


Visiting Times

Open between 10.00am - 1.00pm every day.

Other times by appointment; please visit the Contact page.



Pindapata is the monastic practice of walking through a town or village to collect alms food, as observed by Theravada Buddhist monks, and especially forest monks, who have gone forth from ‘home life’ to ‘homelessness’. Monks at Vimokkharam follow a vow to uphold this practise every day that they intend to eat. Anyone with a generous or faithful heart is welcome to make food offerings into the monks’ bowls.

Those wishing to offer food into the monks’ bowls should be at the Kallista Shops at 9.45am or at the Hermitage site (29 Perrins Creek Road, Kallista) at 10.00am.

Garden Working Bees

3rd Sunday of the month