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Autumn Update and New Year's Celebrations

Dear Friends and Supporters of Vimokkharam,


there are a few updates about the hermitage schedule and events over the next month. Firstly, the clocks go back here in Victoria this weekend, so our Sunday afternoon meditation sessions will now revert to our winter hours of 3pm - 5pm starting this Sunday, April 2nd.


We have a senior monk visiting us from Thailand for a few weeks, arriving on the 6th of April. Ajahn Moo is the abbot of Wat Pah Ajahn Mun in Phrao, Chiang Mai. His monastery is well-known among Thai forest monks as the place where Ajahn Mun went after realising the complete end of suffering, and gathering all his great disciples around him there at that monastery to teach the fully pure Dhamma of the arahant-path and fruit.

Ajahn Moo will be around for a few days before disappearing over the Easter weekend and then returning to join us for our celebrations of Songkran -- otherwise known as Thai and Sri Lankan New Year, beginning here on April 13th.


And in that vein, we will be holding a Pha Pah Samaggi (communal forest cloth offering festival) to culminate our celebrations of the new year with Ajahn Moo on Sunday April 16th. All are welcome.


Very best wishes,

Ajahn Hāsapañño

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