Poems written by monks in the Thai Wilderness tradition.

Places Luang Pu Mun lived

A list of the places Luang Pu Mun Bhūridatto lived or spent his rainy season retreats.

The Solar and Lunar Zodiac

The Solar and Lunar Zodiac explained. The Buddhist calendar and its holy days are synched to the lunar calendar. The Buddha wanted his disciples to be able to work this out so they could know when the observance day was.

Buddha statues

The different types of Buddha statue associated with each day of the week, each month of the year, and each year of the 12-year Chinese cycle.

Luang Pu Chah's regulations

One of the few things that Luang Pu Chah Subhaddo actually wrote himself - a list of regulations that all monks who stay in Wat Nong Pah Pong or his branch monasteries are expected to follow.