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Hermitage Update

Dear Friends and Supporters of Vimokkharam,

Just a quick announcement to let people know that the hermitage will be closed to visitors this Tuesday February 15th. The monks will also not be going on almsround that day. Please pass on the news to any friends who were intending to go this Tuesday to the temple or to offer alms.

The hermitage will be open again as usual in time to celebrate Māgha Pūjā on the full moon the following day - Wednesday February 16th. Almsround will likewise resume as normal.

Many people have been asking about the state of our building project since things seem nearly done. We still do not have an occupancy permit yet.
On the financial side of things, please see attached an update that outlines our costs to date, outstanding expenses, available building funds and remaining shortfall. Some have been asking whether donations to the project are still needed. The reality is that donations are still needed, but not a lot. We have less than $40,000 to finish everything and be debt free.
The amount remaining is quite a comfortable amount for us to deal with under the financial support we have been getting, so this update is not intended as any kind of appeal for funds, but rather just an announcement to let everyone know where we are at.
More detailed breakdowns of our costs will eventually be uploaded to our website. I'll pass along a link when things are ready for those who wish to have a look ...
Take care for now.

Very best wishes,
Ajahn Hāsapañño

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